Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another Sleepless Night

Man, I really wish I knew how to get a 3 week old baby to stay asleep at night! Me and my wife have been up every night since his birth. He sleeps only 2 hours at a time it seems like, and he only goes to sleep when someone is holding him. If we put him down carefully sometimes he will sleep awhile, but usually he wakes up after about 15 minutes until you pick him up again!
Other than that, I've been working, writing, and playing guitar when I can. Can't wait till fall gets here! I'm tired of summer, and I'm tired of my on the side mowing jobs. I plan on plowing snow in the winter. Hopefully next summer I will have enough money to get a pa system and do some gigs for extra cash. It beats having a 2nd job!

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