Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Best Way to Release Your Album

So do you think you are just going to release an album and then advertise on your Facebook? Unless you played your ass off the previous year, or already have a large following, then you will fail. It takes dedication to make it as a musician...and in some cases that isn't even enough. Here is a great scenario that will get you on the right track.

First thing is first. Record the best damn album possible with what equipment you have. Be sure to hire a photographer and do a couple of photo sessions. We don't need anymore album covers with selfies of you and your guitar walking on the rail road tracks. Besides, you might get run over by a train that way. I know because I work for the rail road. Your image is important. Another thing you could do is make a lyric video for one of your tracks. Be sure to pick out which track you think people would like the most, or which would make the better video. Doing all of this beforehand prepares you for your release. The next part will then be fun.

The next step is to get your name out there. Start with all of the open mics in your area and then branch out to close towns/cities. Find local musicians on Facebook and follow them and follow their friends too because chances are they are musicians. Keep track of all the places they advertise and go to those places. Be a regular at some of these venues. Plan your whole month out with open mics and meet and play with local musicians. Play your ass off for the next six months. Be sure to introduce yourself before you start playing and tell them your social media tags so they can find you and follow you. Once you get followers, use Facebook Live and Periscope to interact with your followers. Once you have people stomping their feet, singing your lyrics, and stalking you, then its almost time to release your album. First, drop your video you made months ago and tell your fans to share it on their social media. A week after you drop the video, upload two songs on Soundcloud and tell them to share that too. Make sure it isn't the same song as your video. Finally, have a CD release party at one the venues you visited regularly for the past year and enjoy! Be sure to bring CD's to sell and enjoy your fan's reactions!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Is My Recording Good Enough?

When you are in your home studio recording some songs for your upcoming album and you then play it back to review the quality of your vocals, or your guitar playing, you then wonder if it is good enough. I know i am guilty of this since I started my album, "Good Times" in 2007. I am still currently working on the album and everything on it has been recorded this past year. I didn't like my past recordings, even though it has almost been ten years, the album is in better shape now than it would have been in 2007.

The bottom line is that quality is important. When you slack on certain songs in on your album, people notice. This should be the best recording that you can possibly make. This will be the way you identify yourself to your listeners and you want your song to have an effect on your listeners to where they feel what you are singing. Sometimes your song will have to wait until your skills increase.

Waiting is something I'm working on right now. I have a handful of songs finished that I am dying to upload. I have a plan, however, on how I want to release my album. The goal is to wait until it is available to download and purchase, then release 2 songs per day via Soundcloud, and advertise on my Facebook & Twitter. This way they can sample the whole CD within a week, versus listing to a couple of the ten songs you release on the album. This will build a momentum of listeners who will be waiting to hear more. There are benefits when you wait.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Small Update

Two blogs in the same month is rare around here! The truth is that I am actually starting to get some things done around here before my next semester of college. I have a full schedule as it is, working full time, summer classes, and starting next Saturday I will be a morning DJ for WRGG out of Greencastle, PA. It is volunteer work and I am looking forward to seeing how everything is done at a radio station. It has always been something I've been interested it, which is one of the reasons I started a podcast...Indie Radio Nashville
Tonight I sit behind my computer typing this blog, while listening back to a recording that I just completed. I am currently tracking the vocals for one of my songs, "Goodbye Baby" and trying to complete it this weekend, which would make it my third finished song for the new album. Work is steady and a pain in the ass truthfully. I will be sick of these songs when the album does come out because of the amount of time I've put into them. The time I put into the recordings will also bring happiness because I will have finally released something new almost 8 years.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Platform

As you can see, the website has changed dramatically. I am no longer able to afford web hosting, but I managed to redirect my url to my blog. I will be releasing the new album through this website now. This format is better in ways because I don't have to worry about updating the software and keeping the hosting active. The domain isn't bad. I can afford $15 a year.
The music is moving along slowly. I am recording daily and learning to master my own tracks on Cubase. This is a learning journey that I wanted to take in order to make the best album possible with the things that I already own. I will update the blog to reflect the old website with links and information regarding my music. Until next time, take care!