Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Working Man's Blues

Man you better rethink your life when you think its a good idea to have a baby, then get married the very next month, then three months later buy a house lol. I already have the second job, plus I do some farm work on the side. I had a mowing business on the side as well during the summer, but of course that season is over now.
A funny thing at my second job today though. My second job is Jiffy Lube, its an oil change and lube center. We were replacing a car battery, and it was one of the battery that had the battery tie down at the bottom, with the bolt. Well my co worker that hates me yelled at me because he was loosening the bolt and I started jerking on the battery so you didn't have to take the bolt the whole way out. Well, the dickhead didn't want to do it my way, so I let him do it his way.
So after he took the bolt the whole way out, changed the battery and attached the terminal wires, he then started working on that damn bolt he took out which I thougt it would be easier to slide the battery out without the hassle of rethreading that bolt in. So I let him work on it for about 15 minutes then said..."Well, if you would have done it my way it would have been done 10 minutes ago. He threw the tools at me and said, "If you think you know more about cars then I do then you can put the damn battery in the car and he pushed me and walked away.
So I got to work. Tore the battery back out, threaded the tie down, slide the battery back in, and tighened the bolt and was done in 5 minutes. The dude didn't talk to me the rest of the day lol.

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