Saturday, March 3, 2007


This is my blog for my hobby, music. I am a new musician, and not really that good, but I have passion in my music, and my songs. I write all of the songs you will hear someday, and I put music to most of them. There will someday be a website to promote my recordings, but for now this will do.
I've been playing guitar for about three years now, and have just moved from the acoustic to an electric. What better way to start playing an electric than going out and buying a new guitar? I bought myself a brand new Standard Fender Telecaster. The color is electron blue, and let me tell you, that guitar sings! I love it, and will never sell it. Hell, I might even be buried with it!
Anyways, this blog is to show my progress on my recording sessions, which will start tomorrow. I have twelve original songs to cut, and I have my whole life to do it in! So this blog is to try and keep me motivated! I will have a fifteen minute practice session, then an hour of recording sessions. I plan on working on one song till I get it right, then move on from there. So, we will see how it goes! I will keep everyone posted tomorrow on how the recording session went.

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