Saturday, August 30, 2008

In the Studio

Well, its not really a studio. Its my room but oh well close enough. I've got three new songs written for my new cd which won't be out for awhile. I'm going to do a better job on this album, since I know how to use the equipment alittle better. So far I have the drum track of one of the songs recorded, and am currently trying to get a good rhythm guitar track recorded. Since this is my first time playing with drums, its taking me alittle longer. Then later on after I add the vocals I'm going to try some lead guitar with my Tele, then see if I can add a harmonica in there somewhere. My main goal is to try to make my music sound different from each other, and get some different instruments in there. I plan on learning the mandolin next year, and then maybe the piano. Lol, I've got a long list of stuff I'd like to get done, but first I have to get my real life issues out of the way. I am in the process of switching careers, buying a house, and getting married on July 19, 2010!

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