Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baby Showers

Well the day has come for me and my family to go to my sister's baby shower. Man I hate these things! But she went to my wife's baby shower, so we will go to hers.

On another note, I plan on going up to the mountains sometime tonight to hang up my deer cam. I've wanted to put it up all summer, but I just couldn't find the time, or you could say I was just too lazy. I just want to get some pictures and see what kind of deer come in the area I've been hunting for 10 years and only ever got 1 deer! I usually don't hunt the whole day, so atleast the camera will keep track of times, and give me a general idea of what time I can expect deer to show up.

Now this would only work if I were hunting in bow season which comes in first. The deer won't be spooked by loud gun shots, and not as many people hunt bow so there would be less people in the woods scarying the deer. When rifle season comes in, the Monday after Thanksgiving, deer are going to be all over the place. They will be running across streets, highways, and will show up in people's backyard! Its crazy is Eastern Pennsylvania around buck season. Deer are dead all over the sides of the road because they are always getting spooked out of the woods onto the highway.

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