Saturday, January 12, 2008


Howdy, how have you all been? I'm just sitting here listing to indie music on This music speaks to me. Its all from the heart of the singers, because most of them wrote it. That is the most important connection, singers that are also songwriters. Everything they sing they have experience something in that song in someway. They have a way of connecting with an audience, because they speak from there hearts.
What about the music you hear on the radio today? Ya, some of its pretty good stuff, and yet some of it is just written so the singer could cash in some more checks. What rather you listen too? Would you rather listen to a song that was written by a group of six or more people crowed around an office thinking of ways to write a song that will make them a million bucks? Or would you rather listen to a song written by a singer, who writes his/her songs on there front porch, about their life, not worrying about money? Money is an evil thing and you have to be careful with it. Stay true to yourself and don't worry how much money you make. Be happy with what you have, and learn to use it.

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